Sam (sonicfan124)
NNID sonicfan124
Age 15
Joined 01/19/2013
Community YouTube
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned Wii U, 3DS
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown
Sam (sonicfan124) is another run-under-the-mill user on Miiverse. His posts mostly contain handwritten posts. The drawings usually contain him, Sonic, Mario, or Kirby. He also likes to script roleplay. Most of the time he roleplays with Michael/Weegee. Sam tries to bring a smile to everyone's face, but his posts are soon shrouded in the other medicore posts. You can see his profile here.

The Long Break

In January of 2015, Sam announced he would be gone for a bit, but come back in March. This wasn't the case as he instead came back in August. The reason of his disappearance is unknown.

"Everyone's Peeved at Sonic"

"Everyone's Peeved at Sonic" is a series of posts that takes a moment from Sonic Lost World and makes a certain character/person and draw them mad. There were nine posts altogether. Here is a gallery of the posts:


  • He likes Sonic and Kirby. Alot.
  • He doesn't just like Sonic, Mario, and Kirby. He also likes Xenoblade Chronicles, Spongebob, and Kid Icarus.
  • He dislikes his old posts.
  • He mostly posts in the YouTube Community, but also likes to posts in the Activity Feed, although the ability to do so was taken out in the Miiverse Redesign.
  • He dislikes IGN.
  • He usually makes fun of Silver the Hedgehog, but he doesn't dislike Silver.
  • Sam likes to draw Kirby when he's bored.
  • Despite roleplaying himself, he disagrees with some things roleplayers do while roleplaing.

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