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SamTron (Or just Sam) was a Miiverse celebrity who is best known for getting the final post on The Year of Luigi Community. Due of this his permabanned account has over 1000 followers, even if some feel unjust or unruly.

Year of Luigi Community Post

He got the last post on The Year of Luigi Community, and is actually nothing related to Luigi, but the timing. Due of this, his post got many Yeahs as the Year of Luigi community was easily accessible from the Communities menu as his post was always on the top. The post surpassed 10000 yeahs on the September 19th, 2014.

However on the 5th of January, the Year of Luigi community was deleted on the communities front page. However, the community, and the post, still exist to this day.

The post amazingly still brought in Yeahs and reached 15000 on the 11th June 2015. His drawings (especially his pixel art) are considered quite impressive, however he can never find a community to post on.

Cold Armadillos

  1. Ben (MudkipU)
  2. PB (Birchs)
  3. Declan (xxhowlerxx)
  4. AceBen (bigbenlondon)
  5. DaRrEN(DarrenE.Hunter)
  6. Ryan (Money54)
  7. Dov (soyfanmafah)
  8. Craig (smaffie)
  9. Firlow (TheRealFirlow)
  10. Ryan (CaptainMario_777)
  11. John (AstroRobin)
  12. Ethan (Eth-atron.02)
  13. Buster (supermario8775)
  14. Omega★Star (Brickbuild101)
  15. Marco Polo (Marco-polo-ftw)
  16. McMecSki (Kevotron)
  17. Piano (FeliciaMew21)
  18. Nathan (nathanbenson)
  19. Link (hero-of-time26)
  20. Gβ★Mike (MikeTheMarioGeek)


  • Main:goodle(Permabanned)
  • Alt:SamAlt(Active)
  • New 3DS account:Wardandson(Active)
  • Alt-alt:HAHAHABANNED(Inactive)
  • OhBoiGamer64 posting account:OhBoiGamer64(Inactive)



  • "Oh boi"
  • "ARRRRRRR!!!! I have no clock that has the right time! How do I know when its overe?!?!"


Cut Man's Stage - Super Mario Maker Level Showcase04:41

Cut Man's Stage - Super Mario Maker Level Showcase

One of SamTron's levels in Super Mario Maker

  • Sam wants to make a living out of YouTube.
  • Sam created the word 'overe'. It first appeared in his Year of Luigi post.
  • Sam's first follower was a user named Lex.
  • "Oh boi" is his catchphrase.
  • He gained a lot of his popularity for his last comment in the Year of Luigi Community
  • His username is a combination of his name IRL and the name of JonTron, his favourite YouTuber.
  • He was a big fan of FNAF until the second game, which he thought was terrible. He thought FNAF3 was stale.
  • One of his Super Mario Maker levels was featured on GameXplain.
SamTron's Cold Armadillos

The Armadillos: Ben, PB, Declan, AceBen, DaRrEN, Ryan, Dov, Craig, Firlow, Ryan(CaptainMario_777), John, Marco Polo, Buster, McMeSki, Piano, Nathan, Omega★Star, Ethan, Link, Mike

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