NNID SuperSW64
Age Watermelon
Joined When the Fire Nation attacked
Community New Super Luigi U Community

Colombia Club

Followers 350+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday April 18th

Sam is a user that posts in the New Super Luigi U Community and the Colombia Club. She is not a Smasher, but posts in the New Super Luigi U Community anyway. She mostly only posts in the New Super Luigi U Community and currently rarely posts outside of the community.


The day she made her friends, followed users, and followers private, and also became inactive, leading some to believe she has left Miiverse.


  • "Fuhgeddaboutit."
  • "Mario Kart DS had anti-gravity before it was cool."
  • "Ringo Starmie is my favorite Pokémon."


  • Her favorite type of music is classic rock
  • She's a huge Jojo's Bizarre Adventure nerd
  • She listens to high quality rips
  • She appears to be Miiverse friends with the users Cameron (NNID: PokeMaster0407) and Neon Deity (NNID: Neon_Leader).

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