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NNID jibberldd5
Age 15
Joined 12/11/2013
Community Youtube Community
Followers 950
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday Unknown
Alts not_jibberldd5
SoKa (Formerly known as JIB and Chibi Jib) (NNID: jibberldd5) is a user on Miiverse who posts and mainly draws in the YouTube Community. He also has another account, Jib-Chan, where he posts less detailed drawings and more random stuff. 


Jib-Chan (NNID:not_jibberldd5) is JIB's alternative profile. All of his lazy art, tangents & sketches go on this profile. Most text posts are usually deleted a few hours later. 

Profile comment: "Ayy lmao"

Facts & Trivia

  • He was once followed by both Allan and Nicole before they were banned.
  • He somehow has 2 Nintendo podcasters on his friend list.
  • Has little to no social life.
  • Likes to troll guys who are looking for girlfriends in the Youtube Community with his Jib-Chan alt.
  • Likes to joke around on other users' posts a lot.
  • Recieves much more friend requests than JIB does.

Some of his art

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