Mr. G&W
1n9toq2uo3nui normal face
Age 13
Joined Sometime in May.
Community Panama Club
Followers I don't even...
System(s) owned 3DS
Birthday 6/21/2002
Alts PizzaGuy271, SUPERMALLYOBROS, kevinkvge
Mr.G&W (NNID: ILIKETOEAT125) is an old Smasher and big Megaman, Mario, Marvel, and pizza fan that was around during the old Smash Bros Community. He has many alts, including PizzaGuy271, and kevinkvge (his/cousin's account). He is a very good drawer (not as good as Bard of course) but when his Wii U LCD screen broke, his drawings are now "miracles". Later, when trying to fix it, the game pad got destroyed. Since then, he has migrated back to his 3DS account. Recently, he has been deciding on if he should stay on LMR and leave Miiverse, but right now, he isn't sure.
250px-Mr. Game & Watch SSB4


His first account came somewhere during the start of the Wii U and Miiverse. He then got his first NN account but 2 months later, his password stopped working and then he got a message saying, this NNID doesn't exist. It was most likely a glitch but it was definitely weird. 2 months after that, his father made him a new NNID called PizzaGuy271 because of his son's favourite Mii, a derpy version of his son who he used in Mario Kart Wii named Pizza Guy. He went back from where he left off on his old account, drawing on Miiverse and also posting memes along with a short amount of people who would soon form into the Smashers. He started trolling with others like PotatoKing/Krampus and watching as butthurt kids feel for their b8 m8. One day the Old Smash Bros community was gone and he was left alone, wondering where all of his friends went. He finally found them in the WFU community. He then made more friends. He then finally got a new NNID for his Mom's house so he doesn't have to be at his father's just for Miiverse. He was banned from Miiverse for the first time 7 months later. He then made another account. That one got permabanned in 1 month. He finally made 1 more account called SUPERMALLAYOBROS. Later in life, his Wii U game pad screen broke, when trying to fix it, he made the situation worse. Soon later, he migrated onto his 3DS, brought his ILIKETOEAT125 account back and now continues to do what he does best...spreading dank memes, now in the Panama Club!


  • "Oh.....ok."
  • "I once played Sonic Dreams Collection...ONCE! I had to give my eyes a shower afterwards and think about my life choices. Deviantart, Y U exist?!?"
  • "Remember kids, nobody is perfect with Little Mac."
  • "When someone is playing the same character you are playing as: "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!""
  • "Mario is a ripoff of Luigi."
  • "Reminder that there is a Frozen™ Nintendo 3Ds game. What has humanity come to?!?"
  • "FOUND WALDO! He's under my bed....creepy Waldo."
  • "> The Mr.Sketch commercial explaining how they get their markers to smell so good using blueberry farts."
  • "Darude Ssssaaaaaaaannnnnnddddddssssstttoooorrrrrmmm!"
  • "Its my last post, BUT MAH HOPE WILL NEVA DIE!"
  • "Remember when Spongebob was good?"

Trivia :D

  • His first ever NNID was apparently "removed by Nintendo" as he claims.
  • He usually knows what is a troll post and what's not, so he knows who to be butthurt at.
  • He made the Best Bigley Hotel
  • He has yet to get a post over 100 yeahs.
  • He is good friends with Krampus, GWM, Fluid, and even more surprisingly, Caleb's old accounts, Habibi, Marx-ling, and Unicron.
  • He likes Imagine Dragons for some reason
  • He is a guy.
  • He's a furry, but not a big enough furry to cosplay as one.
  • ANTI TRASH is a troll account of his that he never will admit.

Gallery Thing...

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