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Community YouTube Community
Followers 400+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday Unknown
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Toast is not an option....but a gift... that should always be appreciated....

SQUIDWARD is a Miiverse user who mainly posts on the YouTube Community. His NNID is MEBESQUIDWARD. He is known as the 'SQUIDWARD of Miiverse'. This anthropomorphic octopus is often misconstrued as a squid, hence the name 'SQUIDWARD'. He loves to play the clarinet, which is his favorite instrument. Once in a while you will catch SQUIDWARD posting about his clarinet rehearsals, and or dance, another activity that he enjoys greatly. Most consider him very talented. SQUIDWARD has a deep love for toast, and will often express his desire for it.


  • "Will you be quiet? You're disrupting my genius.."
  • "Prima-Donna Squid Yeah. All I ever wanted was the world."
  • "Fortunatly, I have enough talent for all of you."
  • "Do I look unsure to you?"
  • "I have taken over the Splatoon Community..."
  • "Get that snail off of my lawn!!"
  • "Striped sweaters...."

Prima~Donna Squid

Prima donna squid
This picture is a representation of what can happen to SQUIDWARD when he walks into a salon. He did not wish for this to happen, it just did. The salon workers told him that they wanted to show him a 'new look'. SQUIDWARD did not get the haircut that he desired and instead he got the 'Prima~Donna Squid' look.

This picture is found on Miiverse as a favourite post on his profile. This piece of art was created using Art Academy.

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