NNID SparklezQueen
Age 11
Joined January 2014
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers Several
System(s) owned SO WiiuSO N3ds
Birthday January 3
Alts Unknown

SPARKLEZ!! (NNID: SparklezQueen), also known as Sparkle Queen, is an ADHD LGBTQ Smasher, YouTuber, perfectionist, grammar Nazi, and Grade 7 nerd who is obsessed with frogs and bagels.


The Dayton-San Era (January 2014-December 2014)

Sparkle Queen started on Miiverse in January, 2014, as Dayton-San (NNID: Brofessor3DS). He joined the Pokemon X and Y Community, where he constantly participated in Pokemon RPs. In November, 2014, he joined the Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Community, where he constantly participated in Pokemon RPs. In December, 2014, his cousin introduced him to the YouTube Community, so he moved to the YouTube Community, where he constantly participated in Pokemon RPs AND started posting ASCII art. But one day, he was RPing with someone and decided to check out their profile. He saw that they were from the Wii Fit U Community, so he decided to check it out. He went to the Wii Fit U Community, where what he found to be a bunch of weird, annoying users like himself. He decided to join the Wii Fit U Community, and posted there for about two weeks before he got temporarily banned. He began creating alternate accounts, all different variations of his original account.

The Popsy Era (January 2015-March 2015)

After most of his Dayton-San accounts got banned, Sparklez tried to restart on Miiverse under the new alias 'Popsy'. He failed so hard, getting banned after his first day as 'Popsy' and having to create another alternate account (Alliteration, much?). He became friends-ish with users like MiniMoose and Kumatora during this time period, but he eventually decided to ditch the name 'Popsy' altogether once the third 'Popsy' alt. was perma-banned.

The Potatomato Era (April 2015-May 2015)

Sparklez tried to restart on Miiverse again under the name 'Potatomato'. He started off slowly, simply commenting "Hi" on every community possible, but he eventually "joined" the YTC, only to "find out" about the WFUC later on. He then became a regular poster on the WFUC again. He also had many variations of his Mii (TatoStar, Botatomato, Tatomatojr, etc.) which he changed his Mii to frequently. He eventually got perma-banned on the Potatomato account, and created an alternate account, which he eventually got banned on as well.

The Struggling Era (June 2015)

Sparklez logged in to his original Dayton-San account. He posted pretty much everything from this page, and then got Dayton-San perma-banned, which led to his Wii U getting console-banned. He didn't know what to do. He left Miiverse temporarily during this time. He searched the web, asking for someone to make him an account. Eventually, he found his old 3DS, and started using Miiverse again.

The Second Dayton-San Era (July 2015)

Sparklez starting creating Dayton-San accounts again. He created one, which got temporarily banned, so he forgot the password, and another one which remains unbanned to this day, but forgot the password again.* But anyway, he used his second Dayton-San account all the time, until the redesign came.

*Then he remembered it later on.

The Redesign Era (August 2015-October 2015)

This was when it all went downhill. Sparklez was really disappointed by the redesign. He moved to the TLOZC with some of the other Smashers, where he posted all his daily posts. But the next day, he went back to the WFUC, where he said he was going to stay. At the end of the day, however, Sparklez ended up leaving Miiverse temporarily again.

The Sparklez Era (November 2015-Present)

Persuaded by his friend, D-MARS, Sparklez joined Miiverse once again under his new NNID, SparklezQueen. He joined the New Super Luigi U Community and still posts there to this day.



Sparklez's cute little wink



Sparklez when he hears moaning coming from his parents' bedroom

Nickname(s) NNID Status
Dayton-San Brofessor3DS Perma-Banned


BrofessorNew3DS Perma-Banned + Deleted
Dayton-Sin Brofessor3DSXL Tempa-Banned + Deleted
Dayton-Son BrofessorN3DSXL Deleted
Popsy xX_Popsy Tempa-Banned + Deleted
Popsy xX_Popsy_Xx Tempa-Banned + Deleted
Popsy Sir.Pops-A-Lots Perma-Banned + Deleted
Potatomato PotatoTomato101 Perma-Banned + Deleted






PotatomatoReturn Perma-Banned + Deleted
Dayton-San DaytonBushes Perma-Banned
Dayton-San Dayton-Saniel Active (Alt.)
SPARKLEZ!! SparklezQueen Active


  • Sparklez once created a Pez meme. The fad lasted from 1AM to 5AM.
  • Sparklez also created a shout-out meme, where he would give a shout-out to anyone who Yeah-bombs him. This led to him constantly getting Yeah-bombed.
  • Sparklez ALSO kind of created a 'Roses are Red' meme, where he constantly spammed the WFUC with 'Roses are Red' poems. This was semi-popular for about 2 minutes.
  • Sparklez lives in the same city as Rosaline.
  • It is believed that the return of Sparklez was the reason the 'Miiverse has been redesigned!' banner was taken down.
  • During the Popsy Era, Sparklez didn't just call himself Popsy on Miiverse. He also got people to call him Popsy in real life.
  • Sparklez still uses the Brofessor3DS NNID on his New Nintendo 3DS XL, just not for Miiverse.
  • Though he's forgotten the password, Sparklez can still access his Dayton-Saniel account via his phone.


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