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NNID Luigilover04
Age Secret
Joined December 28th, 2013
Community Wii Sports Club, New Super Luigi U
Followers 460+
System(s) owned Both
Birthday 10/23
Alts Po_Pi_Po_Juice
Charlie is a user who currently resides in the New Super Luigi U Community. He was previously the owner of New Zealand, Nova Scotia, and the Maryland Club communities. He eventually left the first two communities and TFAO took over the Maryland Club Community. 

Charlie frequently writes comedic posts including stories about their life or something that occurred to them. Charlie gets along with many other users, including Beany, Len and many others. He occasionally draws things, but most of his posts are written. 

Profile Comment

*Skateboards in* Wiggity wiggity what's up dogs? I'm Charlie!


I like cats, fashion, drawing, reading, Splatoon, and many other things.

• I'm not actually an expert gamer. I just like the chicken with a sword. • My fairy princess best friend is Beans! (TheEvilSquirrel) Go follow him! • I live like Larry. • Giant robots are my aesthetic.

*Skateboards away*


  • Charlie prefers to keep his age secret.
  • Charlie's favorite color is currently purple.
  • Charlie owns a 3 3DSes, an original model (red), an XL (blue), and a standard New 3DS.
  • He considers himself to be pretty good at writing, and if you bring up specific topics to him, he'll go on about said topic for at least 3 posts. He has no idea why this is.
  • He's notably creative and comes up with a surprising amount of story and character ideas. He'll share some of them with you if you ask, but beware, because he will go on and on about his stuff for HOURS.
  • He also consider himself to be pretty good at giving advice. If you ever need advice, they'll try her best to help.
  • His favorite video games are Super Mario Sunshine, Animal Crossing, and Splatoon.
  • He also dyes his hair quite a bit. Currently, it's teal-green, and he plans to dye it purple next.
  • You'll note that his profile comment matches that of his best friend, Beans.
  • They posted their friend code to an account of theirs (which is now perma'd) back in 2013 and it still hasn't been taken down and he'll forever be confused by that.

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