2pf9yrjrir4sr normal face
NNID MasterRooster1 (permabanned)
Age Unknown
Joined May 23rd, 2015
Community Wii Fit U Community
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO Wiiu Wii U
Birthday Unknown
Alts MasterRooster2 (permabanned)

MasterRooster3 (permabanned) MasterRooster4 (permabanned) MasterRooster5 (permabanned)

Rooster is a Miiverse user who joined May 23rd, 2015 and was known for spreading hate comments on the Wii Fit U Community. He had five different accounts each with a different color and constantly used each of them. People had mixed opinions on him.

The Rooster Invasion

The Rooster Invasion is an event that occurred on May 24th, 2015, when five users with similar Miis began criticizing the Wii Fit U Community. The event started from another invasion from the YouTube Community.


Invasion beginning

Some Smashers decided to invite several YTC users to WFU causing a massive invasion to occur. Despite this, five spam accounts known as Rooster 1,2,3,4,5 began to give out criticisms to the Smashers.

While many did agree on the Rooster's intention, they later found out that the Roosters only began to say hateful things, and many dubbed them "haters". The Roosters continued to hate, while people fought back.

The invasion has been resolved, and the Rooster's true identities are Electric-R (a.k.a. Death-X), Jeff, and Robert. Much later on November 2nd, the passwords to Roosters 3 and 5 were given out, and they were banned shortly after.

He returned to miiverse on 8/12/16 to make fun of the few remaining Smashers by pulling a MarioMan57.


As mentioned before, many people have mixed opinions of him. Some people think he's just spreading hate and making WFU Users bad. And other people think he's just spreading his opinion. But the majority thinks he's bad.


  • Rooster claims he has 3 accounts.
  • The Roosters are actually controlled by Death-X, Robert, and Jeff.
  • There is an imposter Rooster known as Rooster 6.
  • The invasion prompted many Smashers to leave the Wii Fit U Community.
  • Each Rooster account has a country corresponding to their number.

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