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NNID rockywasnothere
Age 16
Joined Unknown
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 247
System(s) owned SO N3ds
Birthday Unknown
Alts RockytheRockStar

Doremifa Rondo but every time Miku says 'rondo' The Nutshack theme plays


RockytheCatGirl(rockywasnothere) is a Youtuber and "that one Luigi fangirl", as she calls herself. She goes by many aliases, currently "Tiny Weegi". She currently has 247 followers and is a nice person, never salty but she does have her moments. She also draws the Mario Bros. a lot, especially Luigi, and seems to have a thing for sneezes, as shown by some of her earlier drawings and posts. She is also an avid RPer and writer. She's actually user RockytheRockStar but switched after the 3DS with that NNID stopped working.

As of right now,her main was deleted because "reasons," as a post on her alt. says,and is now active as rockywasnothere.

In Miiverse

A lot of her first posts were in the YouTube Community (YTC), gaining an average of 10-18 yeahs each post, which usually consisted of drawings. Rocky's most yeahed post (on her alt) was a complaint about how her brother claimed that Sony was better when she told him about Satoru Iwata's death, with 28 yeahs.

Rocky also tends to jump between the YouTube community and Wii Fit U Community, mostly staying in the former before the redesign before finally moving to the New Super Luigi U Community. She (obviously) loves the Super Mario Bros. series, as well as various other videogames. She also role plays (but not very often) and draws.


One of her drawings,posted in the Mario & Luigi Dream Team community

She made a post in the New Super Luigi U Community saying that if it got 10 yeahs, she would spam Luigi quotes for the rest of the day. The post got only 9 yeahs,but she did so anyway. She made a similar post saying she would change her Mii to an Inkling version of Luigi but instead of an actual goal she only posted "enough". The post got 10 yeahs, and she changed her Mii.

As of right now her current Mii is a long-haired girl,nicknamed "Tiny Weegi"

Profile Comment

it's the--wait wrong site


Her current profile image

Bigley Hotel room number-39

Things about me- -High class Luigi fangirl

-Can be kinda cynical

-Filthy Casual™

-Occasionally roleplays

-Dork Extraordinare™

-Good with UTAU

-Expect a hiatus every week

Metal Mario's Cold

Rocky first wrote this short story on her now-alt account RockytheRockStar,but continued it as RockyTheCatGirl. The story revolves around a very ill Metal Mario (obviously) and is unfinished. The continuation post only got 8 yeahs,while the original got only 6. The story itself is pretty much dead,with Rocky showing no interest in completing the story. (Trying to find the continuation isn't an option either,the account with the post has been deleted.)

New Super Random Bros.

Much like Metal Mario's Cold, New Super Random Bros. was a series of short skits written by Rocky on her alt account. As the title suggests, the skits consisted of random events and whatnot,and even a bit of fourth wall breakery and meta humor such as episodes consisting of the main characters interacting with the show's producer. Speaking of the series' main characters,they're the major Super Mario Bros. characters (mainly Mario & Luigi, with well-known youtuber Supermarioglitchy4,oddly enough), with each post getting an average of 7-10 yeahs. Rocky's personal favorite is episode 7, involving the characters destroying a asteroid headed for Earth, littered with characters and their personal problems,capping off with 9 yeahs. Much like Metal Mario's Cold, Rocky has shown no interest in continuing the series.

Other useless info

  • Once she made a post solely consisting of the word "fetish". As of right now it hasn't been deleted by the administration.
  • Often times she may become active on Miiverse for a short period, only to become dormant for weeks on end.
  • She drew a MiiverseAfterDark post of a sweaty,shirtless Luigi-and then later contradicted it with a later drawing...of a sweaty,shirtless Luigi sitting in 105 degree weather,with the caption "It's hot..."
  • Apparently one of her favorite characters is Acme Iku.
  • She (and others) think that the Miiverse Stage was a terrible idea.
  • Her Bigley Hotel room number is 39.


  • "Cailliou's meme wasn't dank enough and *cheap goanimate meme*"
  • "Youtube,stop it. Stop recommending Racist Mario for me to watch."
  • "There was a wasp in my room this morning. NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE"
  • "(Feels like making a Luigi UTAU and making him sing Chaosmaid) no regrets"
  • "I have 11 tabs open right now and all of them are TV Tropes"
  • "I'm not gonna be surprised when people start shipping Luigi with Springtrap,just like Shrek and Shadow."
  • "Just imagine Mario and Trevor Phillips drinking Xbox fanboy tears. lol"
  • "This entry is placeholder. Have a random Luigi sneezing."
  • "dark miiverse show me the nutri ventures fandom"
  • ">Frozen flash games. For real. "Elsa Solarium Tanning"? I don't want to live on this planet anymore."
  • "Imagine if Luigi was tsundere."
  • "Won't be long til I find nsfw NikkixMacKenzie art. My bleach is ready."
  • "I drew a tsundere Mario for a Valentine's Day card. It said, "Happy Valentine's Day-!! ...N-Not that I like you or anything..."
  • "I feel tempted to draw Luigi pe-err,going potty."
  • "I'm here from Internet Explorer to say that Mario & Luigi: Dream Team has been announced!"
  • "Wanna hear a joke? Flashgitz."
  • "Well. SING&SMILE will be stuck in my head for the next few days."
  • "At this rate,it isn't long before a Mario Vocaloid pops up... winkwinknudgenudge"
  • "EVERY WAR ENDS IN FIRE" 2edgy4wardragons"
  • "*Throws self into the cringe bunker*"
  • "The "He Needs Some Milk" vine will probably be the only vine that legitimately makes me laugh."
  • "Metal Mario is one of my favorite characters. Fite me m8"
  • "Dear god,the Support Luigi community is overrun with cringe..."
  • "Luigi's Mansion is best manga"
  • "OK let me tell you I found the game cartridge for Dream Team which means I never lost it in the first place :^)"
  • "Reminder that you can make Luigi sneeze in Dark Moon."
  • "Because come on guys in a Mario/Vocaloid crossover Rosalina would obviously be Luka amirite?"

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