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Robin (BringsTheThunder)

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NNID BringsTheThunder
Age Unknown
Joined 6/9/2013
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 340+
System(s) owned Wii U
Birthday 1/1
Alts ChoosesToSmash

The official Robin of Miiverse (if that even matters anymore).

Robin is an old-school user who started off as a cringey roleplayer but later matured into a fully fledged shit-poster like the rest.

Robin loves Fire Emblem and Pokémon, as he is a big fan of RPG and Strategy games. He will want to buy or play literally anything Fire Emblem, even if it's terribly bad (like Awakening and Fates). Robin likes to play Smash Bros. as well, though he hasn't played as much as he used to. He also mains the entire FE roster.

Robin has a very close friend that's almost like a big sister to him; Her name is Mari, and she is an amazing artist who also loves Fire Emblem as much as he does. They have been friends since 2013. Robin is trying to learn how to draw because of her.

Robin lives in Japan (no he's not a weeaboo, he was born there... No, he's not Japanese eitherーjust believe it, okay? ...That was NOT a Naruto reference), even though his Miiverse profile says he lives in America. He lived in America for a total of five years only, and that's where he bought his Wii U.

Robin hates "otakus" since they are just making him look bad since he's not Japanese. He finds them cringey and unbearable, especially those who say they are "Japanese" even though they never been to Japan and only learned their Japanese at home (mom's basement).

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