NNID RobertTheFiniser (deleted)
Age 12
Joined April 20th, 2014
Community Wii Fit U
Followers 5,000 [originally]
System(s) owned Wii U
Birthday Unknown
Alts Nintwendo

RobertTheFiniser is a user on Miiverse that draws in some sort of anime style and has a text series that is set up like, [#Number "Heading."] He reached 5,000 followers before getting permabanned and stated in his alt that he's quitting Miiverse due to his dead popularity, however returned almost a month later. Now it appears as if he's become a Smasher in the Wii Fit U community, but who knows if he's even welcomed. As for his animated series, he claims it's in the works.

Animated Series News

"Currently 11 seconds, probably not going be popular" -RobertTheFiniser
Miiverse intensifies


  • Was a youtuber, then a smasher
  • He often got a lot of yeahs from time to time
  • His NNID ends with "Finiser" instead of "Finisher" because he didn't have enough room.
  • His alt is the same as his main, simply without the second i in Finiser. (RobertTheFinser)
  • He is a friend with Zeast

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