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Agx5iabk5deh normal face-1-
Robert's Mii.
NNID BlazingCorridor
Age 15
Joined February 18, 2014
Community Wii Sports Club Community (Okinawa Club)
Followers 2438+ on BlazingCorridor
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday 8/26

Spatra (permabanned)

  • cloudwalker27 (permabanned)
  • ITSNEVEROGRE (permabanned)
  • mirrorsedge (permabanned)
  • AerialAce2295 (permabanned)
  • ShineDanze (permabanned)
  • Scykohkinesis (permabanned)
  • Eel_Mantra (permabanned)
  • BlueSandstone (permabanned)
  • RedShale (permabanned)
  • GoldenrodCity (permabanned)
  • Precipice_Blades (permabanned)
  • bulbiebulbasaur (permabanned)
  • lessthansign3 (permabanned)
  • ThisUserIsHidden (permabanned)
  • IHateAlramClocks (permabanned)
  • U.N.OwenWasHE (permabanned)
  • UltimateHomerun7 (permabanned)
  • 404ErrorNotFound (gaming account, permabanned)
  • MasterRooster4 (permabanned)
  • MasterRooster1 (permabanned)
  • FantasyLifeIsGr8 (permabanned?)
  • OldBattlefield (permabanned?)
  • bananas124 (banned)
  • UltimateHomerun8 (permabanned?)
  • CorruptedSS1 (permabanned)
  • CorruptedSS2 (permabanned)

Robert is a user on Miiverse. Formerly a member of the Super Smash Bros. Series Community before it was converted to the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS Community, he followed the Smashers to The Legend of Zelda Series Community, the Wii Fit U Community, and the New Super Luigi U Community before deciding to leave the aforementioned community to post in the Okinawa Club sub-community of the Wii Sports Club Community. Following drama in the Panama Club community, he left Miiverse for a short time, but eventually returned a few weeks later. He is currently active on the Nintendo Network ID BlazingCorridor.


Robert first joined Miiverse in mid-February of 2014 at the prompting of his younger brother, Loid under the NNID of "Spatra" (now deleted). He quickly joined the Super Smash Bros. Series Community, but was soon banned after spamming the comments of the posts of numerous other users. He then registered another NNID, "cloudwalker27," and managed to accrue about 160 followers on Miiverse, first through methods such as the derided "follow-4-follow" tactic but later simply through posting regularly and, at times, abusing glitches such as the one that made the Yeah button display as "olv.portal.miitoo" before eventually being banned again. Throughout the time before his Wii U was banned in late January of 2015, he registered and used numerous alternate accounts for Miiverse, some of which used different Miis (such as "mirrorsedge" using a Mii of Silver from the Generation II Pokémon games).

Following his console-ban, he continued to use Miiverse until his 3DS received the error code 022-2805. After this he still proceeded to stay on Miiverse, albeit only through accounts that other, non-console-banned, users created for him. His ban rate has drastically decreased since then, but he still has received bans from time to time (mostly on "bananas124" as he's less cautious with it than the others due to it being created by a user who doesn't frequent Miiverse).



  • "Marth is proof that female protagonists in video games can be both strong and not oversexualized."
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