365rfrwf2pk98 normal face
NNID RoachCake
Age 5
Joined 12/27/2013
Community New Super Luigi. U Community
Followers 900
System(s) owned SO N3ds SO Wiiu
Birthday December
Alts None

RoachCake is a Smasher and Artist. Despite his large follower count, he never gained any long lasting popularity over the years. His posts consist of drawings, jokes, references and just general rambling.

At first RoachCake went by his real name, John, when he was apart of the Year of Luigi and YouTube Communities before joining into the Smash Bros. Community much later and changing his Mii for when he wanted to troll Dating and RP posts in the YouTube Community.

He ended up keeping the new Mii and changing his name later on so as to not be confused with another user by the name of John.

RoachCake did gain a good amount of popularity with his drawings in the YTC sometime in mid-2014 (His most active time) when he regularly collected 80-120+ Yeahs for each drawing and gained numerous followers.

Sometime later in 2015(?) however, RoachCake got burnt out from drawing due to too many requests and lack of will, and began getting annoyed with his addiction to Miiverse; attempting to cut it from his life 4 or 5(+) times. Due to this, he lost many followers and became distant with all of his friends. Eventually being successful in distancing himself he began only posting once or twice a month, never posting drawings.

He began posting again (In the NSLUC) more frequently in August of 2016 and has recently started posting drawings as well.


RoachCake has been banned 4 times. The Admins have also removed over 160+ of his posts making it impossible to load the Admin Notification page on his 3DS. Including a drawing of the Barfing Gnome from Gravity Falls, which he was, reasonably, very annoyed about. He even called Nintendo to get the post put back up but was denied since technically it fell under 'Vulgar Bodily Functions' and possible 'Copyright Infringement' in the Miiverse Code of Conduct.

He also took on the roll of 'GREG the Goat', a Meme created by Amber and Izzy (And RandomGuy?), and ran for president as him. The posts are no longer visible due to the Admins removing them all when he was banned.

Even though he owns a Wii U, he never uses it for Miiverse, instead using PC for posting and 3DS for Drawing.


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