Oh, and I'm a girl. Don't think I'm a boy or you'll be missing a head.

—Part of Ritsuko's Profile Comment

2jkapuu8xdhsj normal face-0

2jkapuu8xdhsj normal face

She tried to add some blush to make her look more feminine. That and she blushes very easily.
NNID UnovaTrainerRits
Age Unknown
Joined unknown
Community LGBT+ Community
Followers 250+
System(s) owned SO N3ds
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

Ritsuko (NNID: UnovaTrainerRits) is a meek Miiverse user, but is a former member of SmashyClub, so therefore she's special. She is usually known for being mistaken for a boy, having people misspell her name, and making posts that the admins can just barely stand. Finland is her waifu. She currently has over 150 followers, and has declared once she hits 250 followers she'll consider herself a fairly "popular" Miiverse user. Oh, and she's deemed herself as an asexual so technically she is gay, or at least in the LGBT+ Community.


Before Miiverse was before Ritsuko was nothing like she was now. No irony, no chinchillas, nothing like that. She dreamed of being a mangaka (which was ulimately dumped a few months later) and enjoyed playing Pokemon White 2 on her DSi.

When got her 3DS, she updated it and it came with Miiverse. Very quickly, she fell in love it with, as it was a place where you could post about your game and get tips without having to resort to Google.

On June 30, 2014, Ritsuko hit her landmark of 100 followers.

After hitting 100 followers, the Ritsuko melted into a pool of irony and jokes, which is as basically as close as she'll ever get to trolling.

Ritsuko was later recruited as an official member of SmashyClub.

A short time later, all hope was lost, as the admins did a giant crack-down on her account, giving her another two week ban. This taught the Ritsuko that admins can't take a joke. Now, admins are watching her like a hawk, removing the simplist things. She lives in fear of a perma-ban.

Later she decided to leave SmashyClub because reasons. She has been doing great since.

She was eventually permabanned on Miiverse.

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