Game Series Metroid
Date Debuted in August 6, 1986
First Appearence Metroid
Latest Appearence Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Owned by Nintendo
Ridley is a villainous Space Pirate from the Metroid series. He is very popular on Miiverse due to his fandom and requests for SSB4.

Ridley requests were common on the Smash Bros. Community. After these requests have gotten hold on the internet, Ridley detractors started an argument called "Ridley is too big" that notes that Ridley would be too big to be a playable character for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS.

After some time, Ridley supporters grew tired of these statements and declared them "invalid" they then created a character called "Bigley." Bigley is used to mock these statements.


The Ridley meme is when you take the name of something (franchise, game, etc) and "Ridley-fy" it, making a pun. There's another meme called Bigley, firstly concepted by the multiple rage comments on the Super Smash Bros. Community "Ridley's too big!".


  • Ridleymon
  • Super Ridley bros
  • Ridley Battle Network
  • Ridleyman
  • Diary of a wimpy Ridley
  • Ridley's dreamland
  • Ridley the hedgehog
  • Ridley ball z
  • Ridley: the last space pirate
  • Ridley and Bigley: Shokio's inside story
  • Rid-tendo
  • Ridley party
  • Ridley bandicoot

Ironically enough, Ridley would eventually become a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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