BADMIN (Old Mii)



NNID r3p0rt3d
Age Unknown
Joined July 2nd, 2014
Community Wii Fit U
Followers 170+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday Unknown
Alts chaddertonu (Perma'd, then deleted)


Apparently there's a rule in the COC for false reporting but, um, I like to pretend it doesn't exist.


Rick (NNID: r3p0rt3d) is a Miiverse user who used to take on the appearance of a Miiverse Admin, and to acted like one as well. He has posted as a Smasher since July 2nd, 2014, and has posted on and off continuously on the communities over long periods of time.


Rick's only other account is RICK, which has been perma'd. Rick is actually RICK's alternate account, but they both tend to act different anyway.


An old version of RICK, Doc Louis's other account. It's been perma'd, however.


In mid-to-late February, RICK/BADMIN used both of his accounts at once to string together two posts where one usually says or asks something to one account, and the second one responded immediately after. This meme was somewhat popular during the one day it existed, then died out by the next day.


BADMIN has a strange collection of posts, varying to Smash-related posts, memes, admins, Team Fortress 2, making fun of the YTC, remembering those who were banned, honoring/honouring the community, and random stuff altogether. Usually what gets the most Yeahs is what's related to Miiverse administration, because of the fact that he's an admin or it's just kind of funnier than other stuff.


  • "Your post didn't contain enough cowbell, so it was removed."
  • "The COC has pretty pictures on it. Will that get you to read it?"
  • "i bet half your deleted posts were hateful and bullying content when they weren't hateful and bullying"
  • "Welcome to Ban Fortress 2. After nine Miiverse wars in development, hopefully it will have been worth the wait."
  • "If you crouch as Dedede the whole time in a 1v1 in FG, you've basically won."


  • Apparently there are 2 fake accounts of BADMIN that go under similar NNIDs.
  • BADMIN calls his user page his "front desk".
  • Though it is rarely ever said, his catchphrase is "when life gives you badmins, you console ban yourself".
  • He doesn't follow many people.

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