1i4lqd027wwft normal face
NNID GlitchShowcase23
Age Unknown
Joined 12/26/13
Community New Super Luigi U
Followers  ???
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday Unknown
Alts warpstar319 (PERMA'D)

KeebySuperStar (PERMA'D) DarkRevengeOf319 (PERMA'D) GlitchShowcase23

Revenge319 is a rather boring user on Miiverse (or so he says), and has had a very long history with it. He has had three permabans and four console-ban warnings, but the Admins, for better or for worse, have not console'd him yet. He is the leader of the once-was Miiverse group Team Galactic.


He first started Miiverse on December 26, 2013, as a user whose NNID was warpstar319. He mainly posted in several Indie game communities and some Mario communities, along with the YTC. He sometimes went to the Super Smash Bros. Series community to talk about Super Smash Bros. and sometimes off-topic stuff since the community was mainly off-topic. Sometime in Summer 2014, he saw people posting about Bigley. He thought this was hilarious, and started spamming drawings of Bigley. And so, he became a "Smasher".

He also has become the first original ruler of the Chubbins community. He played so much of the game and even completed the secret Boss Rush mode, and after a user named Eddie assumed that he ruled the community, he decided to take advantage, and now, he is the self-proclaimed ruler of the Chubbins community to this day.

After his first ban, he became infuriated and made an alt named DarkRevengeOf319. He used the account to false-report the YTC out of pure anger of being banned, and to communicate with the other Smashers. On December 18, 2014, warpstar319 was permabanned. In frustration, he went on Miiverse on his alt and posted, "I got permanently banned. I didn't even last an entire year. You people better be good this year..." He then moved to his 3DS account, KeebySuperStar.

After leaving a roleplay in the YTC, he found out that they had report-bombed him for leaving and got him banned. Sometime in March 2015, he got perma'd on KeebySuperStar. He got sick of Miiverse afterwards, and declared that he was leaving Miiverse forever. A month later... He came back, because he felt as if Miiverse was like a drug. He wanted nothing to do with it, but he just couldn't stop himself from using it.

Then, he was known as Revenge319, and posted in the New Super Luigi U Community, where all the other Smashers went, and sometimes posted in the Splatoon Community. He has another alt called GlitchShowcase23, which he started frequently using after the redesign.

In mid-December, he formed a group called Team Galactic. Team Galactic mainly opposes Team Dragma, Team Plasma, and  the DeltaSigma (Δς) clan.

Sometime in March 2016, Revenge319 temporarily left Miiverse due to child predators or something. He returned about a week later, however.

In April 2016, he alongside Casey (Miinion), River (Mr. Penguin) and Matthew (Meganium1218) made a series of Miiverse based Minecraft Wii U adventure maps.

In November 2016, he announced that he was making a Miiverse RPG using RPG Maker after all the Miiverse OST posts going around the New Super Luigi U Community. He was letting a total of 30 playable characters in the game, and he asked for suggestions on who should be added. However, in September 2017, he decided to put the game in indefinite hiatus due to Miiverse's ending. As such, he is unsure if he'll ever finish the game.

With Miiverse's ending, he says that he will launch a "surprise" somewhere through November 5th-7th.

Miiverse Quotes

  • ".efil si kerhS ,evol si kerhS dehctaw tsuj I Read that backwards."
  • "Me and Electric-R should become the Nopon twins."
  • "Who needs jewels?"
  • "I sometimes pretend that my Krak-On Splat Roller is a Monado Roller."
  • "STOP COPYING MY POSTS YOU CREEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • "Oobi is my favorite zombie movie."

Miiverse: Critical Resurgence

Revenge319 has made a Miiverse game, Miiverse: Critical Resurgence, which is available for download:

All version notes (btw this section will be updated as soon as a newer version is uploaded):

Version 1.0: The first release of CR.

Version 1.1: Fixed an error with certain music not being available in a couple parts, and fixed an error where you couldn't proceed after beating a certain boss under certain conditions.

Version 1.2: Fixed some transferring errors.

Version 2.0: This update includes a TON of stuff! It contains new bosses, a postgame, and a couple secrets...

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