The Requiem of Spirits is a group that broke away from the PoH. The group was made to make the Zelda Community on topic and less argumentative. Being the subject of slight controversy, this group still continues to do their best to work for their cause. The RoS very rarely if ever report any posts outside of their own community.

300px-3ds learn requiem

Their also a song.

Their tactics are as follows-

Step 1. Find off topic or argumentative posts (preferably argumentative ones now that the Smashers left)

Step 2. Try to reason and get the user to leave.

Step 3. Report the user

Reporting is used as a last resort by this group and often their efforts prove fruitful at step 2

They have council members set up to lead the group. Currently, Big A and JV left due to personal reasons.

Several Group Members

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