The Report Violation Button is used on Miiverse to signal an admin when a certain user has acted in an inappropriate manner. The Report Button is used when a post violates the Code of Conduct . By using the report button, admins will know which posts should be deleted. Posts that are reported normally take 10 minutes to 1 week to get removed, or "reviewed" rather. However most posts are taken down immediately.

Admins only take actions toward reported posts.


The Report Button.


You may report for the following reasons.

  • Gsdgdsf

    An updated version of the Report Violation button.

    If the post in question is a spoiler.
  • If the post in question contains personal information, that makes a user feel violated or uncomfortable.
  • If the post contains violent content, such as gore, that makes a user uncomfortable.
  • If the post contains inappropriate or harmful content, such as threats.
  • If the post contains hateful content, such as bullying or insulting other users.
  • If the post in question advertises a certain product or brand.
  • If the poster spams for people to yeah or comment on another post of theirs.
  • If the post in question contains images or descriptions of sex of any kind.
  • If the post is a post that contains no value towards the conversation.
  • If the post has references to religious or political content.
  • If the post contains copyrighted content.
  • If the post disrupts the community.
  • If the post includes trading.
  • If the post involves 3DS friend codes.
  • If the poster is impersonating another user.
  • If the poster reports falsely.
  • If the poster announces a report.

However, like every system, it has flaws. Many people have reportedly abused the report button to ban innocent users, for their own personal gains. This act is known by some Miiverse users as "False Reporting".

Notable False Reporters

  • Digit03 (Unofficial, stated he made a poll, but never actually false reported anyone.)
  • X-min
  • Admin (user)
  • Downfall
  • Mariotehplumber
  • (NNID) Gabe403
  • (NNID) ClubTortimerTrol
  • (NNID) 30MorePostsToday
  • (NNID) TheRealZeldaKing

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