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Report bomb

Report bombing is a term for going down someone's posts and reporting each post, causing them to get banned. It is commonly used by users who are losing an argument, who instead hide behind admins to silence someone they don't like. A common sign of report bombing is if a mass amount of your posts being deleted at an unusual speed. When this happens, prepare to get banned!

Report bombing is considered one of the worst actions you could possibly do to someone on Miiverse. It is basically ruining everything they have ever accomplished because a user didn't like them. Report bombers are pretty much the admin's right hand men.

Stuff they do

Report bombers have different ways of reporting, here are some common and uncommon expamples.

  • Mass-False reporting: When someone goes through a profile and falsely reports a bunch of posts. Its unknown how common this is since almost everybody on Miiverse say their posts didn't do anything wrong (and half these people don't even read the rules)
  • Mass-reporting reportable posts: When a user goes through a profile and looks for posts that violate the Code of Conduct.

Types of Report Bombers

There are different types of report bombers on Miiverse, here are some common and well known examples.

The ones that do it for fun and just want to watch the world burn

Some people just want to watch the world burn, or in this case, they wanna watch Miiverse burn. Some Miiverse users will get so bored of Miiverse that they just start reporting people, usually so they can see them suffer and panic as an unknown assassin nukes their posts.

People who don't like opinions

On Miiverse there's occasionally that on person who thinks their opinion is the truth and word of god, and no one is allowed to disagree. If you just so happen to have the opposite opinion you may very well likely get your posts report bombed.

Role-players/Miiverse clans

Eventually Miiverse clans will start taking the role-playing way too seriously and try to ban a ton of people.


  • If someone report bombs you while you're offline, then nothing happens.

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