Regions are areas of the world that Miiverse is divided up into. There are three types of regions on Miiverse. They are the Americas, Europe/Oceania, and Japan. Each region on Miiverse is different. (Such as the American New Super Luigi U community, which is off topic, while the European community has mostly on topic posts). You can view all three types of communities via the communities section. Go on the top, and change your region. 

Some communities, however, are international, meaning anyone from any region can post in the same community. A notable example of this was the Youtube Community before the Youtube Community Split Up happened, as European, American, and Japanese users posted their thoughts on anime, and other discussions. Each region can also have it's own exclusive communities or games, like the Japanese region, where you can find games that are only Japanese exclusive.

Some communities are more popular in different regions on Miiverse, with different activity on each region's version. eShop games usually fall into this category.

Division of each region

  • Americas- Posts or users that originate from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America or wherever the Wii U or 3DS is sold in South America.
  • Europe/Oceania- Posts or users that originate from Europe, or Oceania (including Australia).
  • Japan- Posts or users that originate from Japan.


  • Regardless of what Region you are from, you can still post in European, American, or Japanese communities freely, but you can't access them normally.
  • Depending on where your console is from, your default region is where you live.
  • Also, depending on where your console is from, the Miiverse Administrators' behaviour towards users will be different due to there being different admins for each region.

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