1zgzip1kxn8sq normal face
NNID Redarrow232
Age 15
Joined Unknown
Community Xenoblade Chronicles X Community, Super Mario Maker Community
Followers Over 475
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday 23/01/2001
Alts Unknown

Red is a user on Miiverse who has been there for 2 years and has over 475 followers. He describes himself as a generally nice guy, and is known for his Question of the Days (QotDs), obsession with Tokyo Ghoul and general smexiness.


He is a stupid smart person, who often makes references to games, which nobody gets. Probably the clumsiest person you could come across. Sometimes in attempting to confuse others, he confuses himself. Behind a thoughtful and a generally nice person, who you can go to when you need help or want to chat.

Hobbies and Accomplishments

He has managed to share his interests, by managing to convince 53 people to watch Tokyo Ghoul, via online and IRL. He continues to share his interests unconditionally, and is the only person who plays Nintendo in his school.

Red has gone further than no skrub has gone before, managing to complete OoT Master Quest.


He enjoys Tokyo Ghoul and many other anime's. He likes franchises such as TLoZ, Fire Emblem, Phoenix Wright and Pokémon. The games he plays span outside of Nintendo, such as Danganronpa, and Undertale, but mainly consist of Nintendo related games. He has an addiction to chewing gum and music. Common user of XD. Kgin of typso (King of Typo).

Quotes from other People Describing Him

"A guy who doesn't want anyone to hate him, someone who keeps his emotions to himself, but speaks up when he needs to." Callumari

  • "Skrub." ~Callumari
  • "Wiiuboo." ~Rowell
  • "Red." ~Sascha
  • "Generally nice guy." ~Everyone
  • "Steve." ~Rindetta
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