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System(s) owned SO N3ds System in the Nintendo 3DS Family
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Reaper (NNID:DeathtoWFUandYTC) is a user that became well-known on 03/07/15. Reaper became known when they started following many users, some of these users decided to view her Miiverse profile, they read Reaper's profile comment and found out that Reaper was false reporting users in the Wii Fit U, Legend Of Zelda Series, and YouTube communities. Reaper's only known victims were a user named Pine and another user named Marx-ling.  The users that Reaper followed however, were spared.

Reaper later got their profile comment removed by the admins, as well as four posts to the Wii Fit U Community that had been removed. Reaper said on one of Sower Doll's posts that they would stop false reporting the Wii Fit U Community, and instead move to the Smash Bros Support communities


During the Reaper event many users were trying to report bomb Reaper. Then an unknown user decided to make a Reaper account called Sower, claiming they would ban Reaper.


  • Reaper's gender is unknown.