NNID NowYouSeeMe
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community Unknown
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown
Ralph Gorde was a rather iconic user on Miiverse who, in the span of a single day, managed to garner a hefty 65 admin notifications before leaving us with a "good bye forever" message. He later deleted his NNID (NowYouSeeMe).


Ralph Gorde joined Miiverse around the time the first comment restriction had been initiated. He was a standard user, not causing any problems with others or going out of his way to seek trouble. He would comment on about everything he could, even going to not very well drawn pictures and giving the user some kind words and some tips to improve themselves in the future. At some point he was also on SkyShaymin's friend list, though SkyShaymin himself won't acknowledge the fact.

The Incident

One day, Ralph asked a user what Miiverse was like before he joined. The other user stated that Miiverse was a much better place before the last update. Ralph took this to heart and decided to stand up for what was right. He petitioned against the three minute comment restriction and went out of his way to encourage others to do the same. This caught the attention of some unsavory types, who went to him and left a now deleted comment that had said "Stop this u fuk, or u wil die." Ralph didn't back down because of this petty threat, and continued to petition. The next day, people who visited his profile found that all 65 of his posts were deleted by administrators; leaving some to assume that the user who threatened Ralph had gotten a posse of people to report bomb poor Ralph. He came on and said this one line: "I only wanted to help... :(". He was banned shortly after and the account has since disappeared. The day after, Tom came on and announced the latest Miiverse update. This was the update that included shortening the three minute comment restriction to two. People like to believe that Ralph Gorde had won in the end from this sole fact.

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