NNID redrubys
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community The Legend of Zelda Community
Followers 103+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

Rachel is a Zelda fan. All her rants insist for Smashers to get out of the Zelda community and/or to get on-topic. Her grammar is a bit iffy, so a guide was made to help you interrupt her posts faster. She has been called Mac 3.0. Her NNID is redrubys.

On December 11th 2014, she admitted that she was a trolling account made by Sakuraichu. The account was converted to Sakuraichu's alternate account, Doctorchu.

The Rachel dictionary

  • Y = Why
  • Pots = Posts
  • Potters = Posters(?)
  • Dong = Doing
  • Topik = Topic
  • Pls = Please
  • Et = It
  • Topek = Topic
  • U = You
  • Gam = Game
  • Evar = Ever


  • Ganon
  • Giygas
  • Bowser

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