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NNID SouljaGirlTellEm
Age 15
Joined December 12, 2013
Community New Super Luigi U Community

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System(s) owned SO N3ds
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 RG☆Zaria, or simply Zaria, (joined December 12, 2013) is a Miiverse user/artist, as well as one of the original Smashers.


Her personality has changed through the times. Originally a Super Smash Bros. Series Community scrub (who also drew stuff like Hetalia in the YouTube Community) known for drawing Princess Daisy in hopes that she would make it into Smash, as well as having an obsession with Shulk ever since he was revealed in Smash. In present day she has become a huge fan of the British band, The Beatles, and draws lots of jokes that have to do with them.


  • "Every nerd when needing to use the restroom really bad: GOTTA GO FAST!"
  • "There was an episode of MLP that ponified versions of The Beatles cameoed in. I don't know how I feel about that either."
  • "♪Is this what the people of Wii Fit U livin' like? Hmm, this might be alright.♪"
  • "Dude. "Beatles" is in the 3DS dictionary..."
  • "So I found out "Ringo" means "Apple" in Japanese. I suddenly don't hate apples anymore."


  • The actual Guss Webb saw a drawing she made of him once.
  • She has been banned twice.
  • Known for laughing her head off when ***** attacked the SSB Series Community, and made "fake" jokes even long after he left.
  • Believed to have unintentionally started that Backyardigans meme, after copy/pasting the Wikipedia article description of "The Backyardigans" on a 10 year old troll Aaron.A's post
  • She despises people who only appreciate her handwritten posts, and hates when people skip over stuff when Yeah Bombing her.
  • She is a hippie. 
RG☆Zaria's theme song04:34

RG☆Zaria's theme song

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