›Queen Ari
Queen Ari
NNID 0-Amethyst-0
Age 15
Joined Unknown
Community Norway Club,

Panama Club

Followers 578
System(s) owned 3DS
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown
›Queen Ari (Moon Ari currently) is a semi-popular user on Miiverse. She is the queen of the Panama Club, and the Norway Club. Goldsmith is her assistant. She was an important part of arranging the move from the New Super Luigi U Community to the Panama Club. She mainly posted in the Panama Club, NSLU community, and sometimes the YouTube Community and would occasionally make drawings on Miiverse. Before the Miiverse Redesign she was a resedent of the Wii Fit U Community.

Currently, Ari is mostly inactive on Miiverse but she still checks on it every once and awhile.


  • "Psst. I will always be queen"


  • Rindetta and Spooky are her kids.
  • She has a coconut wife in real life.
  • She is Polydactyly, meaning she has two thumbs on one hand. She has eleven fingers
  • Like Metal music.
  • She likes RPG, music, and puzzle games.
  • She attempted to make Moon Man a meme on Miiverse once.

Miiverse Drawings

Will be added later

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