Puerto Rico Club
Community Type Sub
Launch Date October 30th, 2013
Special Attributes Unknown
Community console Wii U
Game Genre Sports
Related Communities Wii Sports Club country clubs

This is the community for Puerto Rico Club. Cheer on other members, boast about getting new records, and have fun building team spirit. Come on, Puerto Rico Club!

The Puerto Rico Club is one of the sub communities of the Wii Sports Club Community.


The Great Spaghetti War

The Great Spaghetti War
Date Started October 15th, 2015
Date Ended Unknown
Community Puerto Rico Club
Notable Users Involved Unknown

The Great Spaghetti Revolution is an event that occurred on October 15th, 2015. Many users of the New Super Luigi U community decided to troll the Five Nights at Freddy's fans in the Puerto Rico Club Community by flooding the posts with spaghetti. Users posting spaghetti copypastas and replacing song lyrics with "spaghetti" can be seen all over as of now. Many of the Puerto Rico Club users were angry at the New Super Luigi U Community users, and so they blocked them. It is unknown who has started this, as Spaghetti joined after the invasion. The user Spaghetti made a group of people to stop the FNAF fans, known as the Spaghetti Empire. There are currently 6 people in the Spaghetti Empire.

The users Joe, FNAF HERO, Sunni, and ToyFoxy have been protesting but many of the users continue posting about Spaghetti. Joe started making many posts and even claimed to have "told Tom and Amy about Spaghetti's stupidness." FNAF Hero tried claiming the community but it's didn't really work. Some of the members are currently hiding in the Paraguay Club.

SoullesPro has started false reporting the FNAF people to get them out of the community because he believes it is supposed to actually be for people from Puerto Rico, and not spaghetti spammers or FNAF fans.


The community have been used as a separate community base for Five Nights at Freddy's fans. In 2017, it is currently being used as Skyhawk JD's activity feed.



  • FNAF Fanbase
  • Spaghetti Empire
  • Red Fang

Major Users

  • Skyhawk JD
  • Spaghetti (SpaghettiLord)
  • бигли wha²(OctolingsRWaifu)
  • Devon(PhantomzkullX79)
  • Minedude(Minydudlelz)
  • Shaldun 1(ThBadmiin)
  • david meep(DeadCruncher741)
  • Joe
  • Sunni
  • ToyFoxy
  • SoullesPro


  • There was a similar war that had the same name that occured on the Legend of Zelda series community.