2lijh03v5bb02 standard
NNID ProJared
Age 30
Joined 11/18/12
Community Super Mario Maker Community
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday August 28th
Alts Unknown

ProJared is a popular user on YouTube who joined on November 20, 2006. So far he has 627,271 subscribers and has gotten 76,695,732 views. He's very popular on Miiverse, although he's not very active on it.


ProJared made his first post on 11/18/2012, which also got reported and deleted by the Miiverse admins. On Miiverse he has made a total of 26+ posts, which have all gotten 100-300 yeahs, some of them being Splatoon videos he uploaded to YouTube.


On YouTube, ProJared usually reviews games or makes videos called 1-minute reviews, where he quickly reviews video games in a very short amount of time. He also makes top ten lists.

Miiverse Quotes

  • "I need more of my friends to die so that I can take their stuff. So if you could get on that please?"
  • "stuff"

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