NNID PSTPtheDragon
Age 17
Joined 12/10/2013
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 556
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday 7/31
Alts PSTPBackup

326159 PSTPtheDerpyDerp

Presstartoplay (Commonly shortened to PSTP or capitalized as PresStarToPlay, known as Luigi, GBA Luigi, CaplesToad, UnagiDaEel, Link and Hatley and other names on Miiverse) is just another random Miiverse user who mostly posts in the New Super Luigi U Community.


He joined Miiverse back in December 10th 2013, the day it came to 3DS before he got a Wii U on December 26th. In the beginning, he was just another of those people who almost only post about games and in the YouTube community, but he later joined the Super Smash Bros. Series community, and now he almost never go to the YouTube community except if he wants to troll or look at drawings in Popular Posts. He moved to The Legend of Zelda series when the Super Smash Bros. Series community changed to the Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U community and then moved again to the Wii Fit U Community.


His first Nintendo Network ID was Presstartoplay, but after a while, it got permabanned, so he started using his backup account (ID: PSTPBackup) as his main account. But then it got banned too, so he made other accounts like 326159, PSTPtheDragon and BigleyDaBig. His main account is currently PSTPtheDragon and his gaming account is PSTPBackup. He's also an artist (though he doesn't draw very often), and his drawings are quite decent. He's using 326159 to post his drawings.


He likes games like Mario, Sonic, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Banjo-Kazooie and more. He also likes dragons, chatting with friends and drawing.

Some of His Pics Drawn on Miiverse and Colors! 3D

Some of His Friends

  • TriFace (Nevermind_that)
  • Raymond (SolidSnake777000)
  • Jeremy (BeepBooTheLegend)
  • Marth (FromFireEmblem)
  • Mario (Nin_AllStar64)
  • Burgundy (Burgandy)
  • Zoë
  • Mr. Left (NotMr.Right)
  • Ben (MudkipU)
  • Sinjon (Exulite)
  • EmmAgoni (AgoniZekrom11)
  • Alex (alexdude1085)
  • Ryan (George_Mont)
  • And more


  • He has played more than 105 Mario and Mario-related games.
  • His favorite number is 128 for no reason at all.
  • His 326159 account was originally his troll account, but one time, all of his normal accounts got banned, so he turned 326159 into a normal account.

SmashyClub Members
Ben, Carrie, Daniel4297, Dov, Edwin, Finland, Hatty, Jazz, Magikarp, Magus, Mr. Left, Patrick, Potato, PSTP, RighanRed, Rob, Sauce, Stel, Trey, YukiMei, Zack, Zaily, Zoe

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