Miiverse voices heard.

Egg walking

The Power of Eggs Rebellion also known as the Miiverse Voices Heard Rebellion, is a rebellion led by IvoEggman helping the rebellion flame. This was a second attempt since the failed Miiverse war on July 10th 2015.


IvoEggman grew sick and tired of hearing all of the ban stories on Miiverse. Angry, he decided to start a flaming rebellion known as "the power of eggs rebellion" on September 5th, 2014. RichardCar, Eggurai, Niko Bellic, and Badass SkyShaymin decided to support the rebellion.

RichardCar created a new meme for the rebellion #miiversevoicesheard. Soon after, Eggurai, Ivoeggman, and Badass SkyShaymin followed suit. Several other users also did this.


  • This likely pays homage to the failed July 10th war.
  • Admins are usually the main enemy.
  • This is the first rebellion on Miiverse to not happen on the 10th.
  • The Rebellion ultimately failed.

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