Porky Minch
NNID FriendlyFreezy
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 178
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown
Porky Minch (Aka FriendlyFreezy) was a Miiverse user who insists of taking over Miiverse. He had made the Zelda community his headquarters for the "Era of Porky", in which he grabbed as many Miiverse users to join his organization. He seemed to be Porky Minch, an antagonist of Earthbound, a semi-popular SNES game with a cult following, and its region-locked sequel, Mother 3. 

He currently posts in the New Super Luigi U Community and now goes by the name of Raddy.


Porky Minch was created by the user Radicus. It's unknown why he became Porky Minch, however he did not succeed in taking over Miiverse. Not that he was really trying, far from it. He had also already received some admin notifications.

He had a general air of professionalism around him, but could sometimes show the face of a gloatful villain. His personality included being a general mastermind and very talkative over his awesomeness being a leader of an organization. He had an army which he called, the "Pigmask Army", in which he recruited new members daily.

He had 50 followers/Pigmasks, which he gained quickly. As of now ha has 178 followers.

Mostly Memorable Quotes

  • "And now, the Era of Porky has truly begun..."
  • "I nominate myself, Porky Minch, for "Eternal President, King, and Emperor of Miiverse. Elect me, and you'll be oppressed forever!"
  • "Web? Hah! You think I, Porky Minch, would be so careless to have my plans be a web?! My plans are great metal chains that wrap around eachother in the most intelligently mind-blowing fashion ever seen by humanity! It's unfathomable, how fantastically confusing my plans are to a simple mind such as yours!"
  • "And remember, everything I do is in the name of... THE ERA OF PORKY!"

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