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PokefanBackup NNID: pokefanBackup (A.K.A. *star*Steven*star* normally) is a user who posts random stuff whenever he wants. He isn't too popular in the community.

You can view his profile here

What he posts:


One of his Pixel Arts, which is also his Favorite Post on his Profile.

He mainly posted on the Wii Fit U Community , memeing away. But, if he's not memeing like there's no tomorrow, he mainly posts about video games; Mainly Smash. Occasionally, he spends time on Pixel drawings. He's stated he plans to do much more Pixel art in the future.


  • -Huge Xenoblade Chronicles nut, and mains Shulk in Sm4sh.
  • -Loves the MOTHER Series, his favorite being Mother 3.
  • -Adores great Artists on Miiverse, most specifically Pixel Artists.
  • -Plays League of Legends.
  • -Has a girlfriend.
  • -Absolutely despises people who use Shulk incorrectly online in Sm4sh.

Ban History:

  • -Has had his first NNID (bananamuffinsX3) Perma'd after getting False reported from Memeing too hard. rip
  • -His next account, (pokefan652) was also Perma'd, from False Reporting again. He can't catch a break, huh?
  • -Is now currently permabanned
  • -One NNID he had made 1 Year ago, one he had done absolutely no activity on; No Posts, writing a profile comment, was Deleted by Nintendo. To this day, he has absolutely no idea why it has happened.
  • -One day, pokefanBackup was temporarily banned due to an argument over gay Sexuality. He then retreated to his alt, NNID: spookyskelenton. About a week later, someone; possibly even multiple people somehow retrieved his Password to spookyskelenton, and ended up posting stuff that would inevitably attract the Admins. He became frightened and nervous. He did his best to delete any posts he saw come through. One thing he did not account for was comments. The person who had hacked into his NNID could have been commenting on posts, and Obviously he can not look through every post. The hacker inevitably got spookyskelenton a Temp ban. No one knows who the person was that hacked into his account.


  • "I want to be in a future where I have Hair like Palutena. That'd be the best future."
  • "Roses are Red.Violets are Blue. I don't know what rhymes with Blue."
  • "I just reported my own account because I was bored. If I get banned or something like that I quit life."
  • "My dad's band name is Scorpion Sensation."
  • "Miiverse is clearly a rip-off of 4Chan- Report Nintendo, Flag, DDOS the website."
  • "Hello, I am a teen and I want to become a walrus. I know there are many people just like me, But I promise, I'm different.
  • On January 21st, I'm moving to Antarctica; Home of the greatest Walruses. I've already cut off all my arms and now slide on my stomach everywhere I go as I train. I may not be a walrus yet, but I promise, if you give me the support I need, I will be the greatest Walrus ever."
  • "Mario X Dr. Mario X Luigi X Peach X Bowser X Yoshi X Bowser Jr. X Morton X Lemmy X Larry X Wendy X Roy X Iggy X LudwigX Rosalina & Luma X Wario X DK X Diddy Kong X Mr. Game & Watch X Little Mac X Link X Toon Link X Zelda X Shiek X Ganondorf X Samus X Zero Suit Samus X Kirby X Meta Knight X King Dedede X Pikachu X Jigglypuff X Charizard X Greninja X Lucario X Fox X Falco X Captain Falcon X Ness X Olimar X Alph X R.O.B. X Pit X Palutena X Ike X Marth X Robin X Lucina X Dark Pit X Sonic X Pac-Man X Megaman X Duck Hunt Duo X Wii Fit Trainer X Villager X Female Villager X Monado Boy = Best Anime."

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