Pokemon Art Academy Community
Community Type Main
Launch Date June 19th, 2014
Special Attributes Unknown
Community console 3DSPlatform
Game Genre Art Instruction
Related Communities Unknown

Pokémon Art Academy is a 3DS game. As the name implies, players are taught how to draw Pokémon. People can post their drawings to the game's Miiverse community. However, most users do not use this application to draw Pokémon (possibly due to the fact that they do not own a Wii U and thus cannot get Art Academy: Sketchpad).


Drawings include, but are not limited to:

  • Sonic OCs
  • FNAF characters (pretty much most of the community)
  • MLP OCs 
  • Anime characters
  • Comics
  • Any OCs in general

Works in Progress

People usually post a WIP (Work in Progress) before fully finishing their picture. These are very easy to find, because almost everyone posts them.

Post gallery

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