Player One
NNID AnotherP1Alt (current)
Age 14
Joined March 3, 2013
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 108
System(s) owned Wii U
Birthday February 5
Alts Unknown


—Player One

Player One is just a random user on Miiverse. He isn't popular or anything. He used to post On-Topic stuff but then posted whatever. He was perma banned.. He's a member of this wiki, with over 1,000 edits. He officialy left on March 2015, due to studies. However, he came back July 15, 2015, and is semi-active to this day.

In Real life

IRL, Player One's emotions change very quickly, depending on the situation. When the situation calls for it, he can go as far as shouting loudly ANYWHERE, even in school. Regardless, he's still friendly and respect everyone's likes and beliefs - As long as they respect his. He's a big fan of space exploration, and he considers spacecrafts example of the humankind potential. He constantly checks up on the New Horizons space craft news. Even though he likes gathering knowledge, he gets easily distracted in school.


He got his Wii U on March 3, 2013, along with New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land. He made three posts on the Nintendo Land community and three on the New Super Mario Bros. U community. He got three followers. He then stopped posting until he got Wind Waker HD and Super Mario 3D Land. He only made 2 posts each, but he found the Smash community around that time of the year. At first, he didn't like the off-topic concept, but only for two minutes. He then started and made more. At that time, he was around 15 followers. When he got Mario Kart 8, he had a even bigger reason to continue posting. And so, he became the Smasher we all know.


He was a roleplayer at first, and his Mii had his real life name (Matheus, South America equivalent of Matheew) It's surprising to see how much he changed, since he's now trolling ANY RPs he found. After two roleplays, he got his first ban (because of Tak). He then stopped RPing and became a Smasher. Around July, he was around 23 followers.


The admins banned him often. He got banned 7 times before getting his first permaban, having 50 followers by then.

Second Account

Player One came back to Miiverse as Player Two. His Mii was a angered version of him. He became more serious but he's still the same old pal. He's part of the Meme Team and a Smasher (duh). He currently has 108 followers. Now he's back to random posting in NSLU community.

He decided to make sure he wouldn't get banned again, as a result, he got banned only once in the account. He avoids arguments as possible as it is. He's now playing Overwatch.

His Wii U broke (The drive wouldn't work), so he got a PS4, and is only using PC Miiverse.


Current Mii.


Too lazy to think.


  • "BOLOGNA!!!!!"
  • "Ghirahim is too fabulous to be in Smash."
  • "I LEIK MUDKEPS. BUT MUDKEPS DON'T LIEK DEGIT!" (He made this post on the Digit incident, or whatever.)
  • "Gentlemen."


  • He plays a lot of Overwatch.
  • Doesn't have any Smash mains - He thinks knowing all characters is important.
  • He uses his cellphone a lot.
  • He loves fighting games.
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