Play Nintendo Community
Community Type Special Community
Launch Date Unknown
Special Attributes Unknown
Community console WiiU3DSPlatform
Game Genre None
Related Communities None
The Play Nintendo Community  is one of the two current Special Communities. The community is used only by the Verified user Amy, who posts about news and events related to upcoming or already released games and apps. The Play Nintendo Community is set to "All Player Posts", although regular Miiverse users are not able to post in this community, they are only able to comment on Amy's posts.


Amy often holds special events and Miiverse contests, usually when a new game is about to release on the Wii U or 3DS or during special holidays such as Halloween and Christmas.

This section needs some more stuff added to it, please add stuff about any recent or past Play Nintendo events.

Camp Miiverse


Camp Miiverse returned, but this time instead of have it's own separate community, the Camp Miiverse event was hosted by Amy in the Play Nintendo community. Camp Miiverse was later cancelled after the death of Nintendo's president Iwata.


Camp Miiverse was once again hosted in the Play Nintendo Community. The teams this time were Callie and Marie, to tie-in with the Splatoon's last Splatfest.

Special Communities
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