PlayStation Nation (also known as Playstation fans or Playstation fantard by Nintendo fans) is an unorganized group that resides in many major communites in Miiverse. Their main hotspots were the Super Smash Bros Community and the former E3 community. They are known to having an intense rivalry with Nintendo fans. RichardCar actually started a Flame War against PS Nation during E3 2014. He lost the battle because of the admins ending it. The E3 2014 era sparks some of the roughest tension with Nintendo fans to date.


Despite having no leader, some consider Shuhei Yoshida the leader of the group. Many PlayStation fans tend to troll a lot on Miiverse. Many people want them to leave but many PS fans refuse. Their main trolling comments are Wii U is for kids, or that Play Station All Stars: Battle Royale is better than Super Smash Brothers for Wii U and 3DS. During E3, PlayStation fans are especially active. Many were banned from Miiverse, but they later came back to continue their shenanigans. Nowadays, they aren't too common. However, they might show up you if you critique the consoles. Most of the PS fans on Miiverse are currently permabanned or consoled. Resulting in hardly any more conflicts.

Against RichardCar

RichardCar vs PlayStation Nation was a event that occurred on June 8th, 2014. The flame war began when ps fanboys began to criticize smash, Mario, and Nintendo. RichardCar, being a Nintendo fan, made honest posts on how Nintendo has a superior holiday line-up, and how the ps fanboys should leave Miiverse. But guessed who showed up to one of RichardCar's posts? MIKU-CHAN (now SAKURA-SAN) called RichardCar a idiot, and told him to troll on ign. But something odd happened during this flame war. RichardCar's posts about defending Nintendo was deleted by the Admins, and soon found out that the Playstation fanboys false reported him. And RichardCar, furious at MIKU-CHAN, decided to delete her comment. A few months later, RichardCar scrolled down to his old posts and saw that every playstation fan was permabanned and console banned except SAKURA-SAN. A few months later, he didn't bother to care about troll comments.


  • Shuhei Yoshida


Known Members

  • Jane
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