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PinkLover♪ is a user on Miiverse. She rarely posts. Her main community is the Tomodachi Life community, and she's only posted once in another community; the Pokémon X community.

She likes trainer PR videos because she dresses up like "stylish divas".


Her name is PinkLover so you can already guess her personality. A girly girl. And her favorite colour is pink. WOOOAJ. Her profile says she's a rather feminine otaku gamer. She only has 7 posts on Miiverse. We don't know much about her Tomodachi Life, but we do know about 4 villagers, Audrey, Jess, Terry and Luna.

Audrey and Jess

We don't know much about these islanders only that they have had two babies together and PinkLover ships them. Audrey has a beard and goatee suggesting he's an adult. The other one named Jess could be irl PinkLover suggested she has a crush on an older man but the most likely answer is that they are both OCs. We haven't seen the first baby they had nor seen its name. The second baby they had is named "Jayden". With dark blue eyes and eyebrows like his father and pale skin.

Terry and Luna

These are the most mysterious islanders she has. They have had a baby before but once again no name no info. The proof for that statement is she made a post saying "WHAT... THEY HAD ANOTHER BABY?!?!". Suggesting they had a baby before and had another one in a relatively short time. Both Luna and Terry look like they are Mexican. Including there baby which they named Dawn. Which doesn't look like her mother and father at all there was a 20 minute wait between the they had another baby post and the meet Terry and Luna's 2nd baby post suggesting the baby had some edits.


  • She's only yeah'd four posts. One of these posts has horrible grammar. Another post is just scrambled letters. A third post is just "I COULD PLAY DIS GEAM ALL WEEK", which had the mii Anonymous.
  • Her first yeah was a post made by a user named Vader which said "Ebola is 4 scrubs" suggesting she may be a future smasher.
  • She wants another Tomodachi Life .

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