Pig Duck
Pig Duck's Sheepy costume
NNID Unknown
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community Wii Fit U Community
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned Wii U
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

Pig Duck is a user on Miiverse.


Pig Duck started off as a noob and a troll at the same time. He would always post in the smash community and always talk to Giga Gamby like normal. His first account had 120 followers, before his perma. In february, he got hacked after somebody told him his password and information. He got a tempo and than being such a noob, he would do anything to get on WPOM. As he succeeded by making a horrible post on a fake account, he was so happy, he would try even telling everybody about the one part. "Imm a single housewife" He than in march tried more to get in WPOM, but failed. He started getting into Thatss on Miiverse and for once got so inspired by Giga Gamby and BradleyNews that he made his own compilations on YouTube "AYSM" short for "Are You Serious Miiverse" In May, 2014, Pig Duck's main account got permabanned and got so angry, he stopped being such a noob and started being not a troll, but a hardcore troll. AYSM has arrived and Pig Duck united with a person named daft Pory after seeing her comment on posts by Giga Gamby. A month later, they became major friends. They would videochat, do everything, and even dated via Google+.... Pig Duck was accused by Giga Gamby that he was cleverbot, - a user who used to be friends with Pig Duck, but became enemies. C3po, a user that always bullied Pig Duck calling him Pig dick, has than became moral enemies to the extreme. Giga Gamby decided to leave Miiverse and make game reviews. Pig Duck was happy at first, but felt lonely later. Him and Gamby became friends again. A week later, daft Poryand Pig Ducks dating began to break up after a fight that daft Pory had with another one of Pig Ducks friends. He hated seeing two friends fight and daft Pory was not gonna let it go until she and Pig Duck broke up. Pig Duck has been going through lots of stress. Admins, fights, c3po... He quit Miiverse for awhile and came back feeling better. (happy ending) The story ends here. Pig Duck....

Pig Duck's Quotes

  • OverloadingPotatos
  • Potato
  • A ball is a round object
  • Microwavable shoes are are the best

Accounts active (NNID)




Accounts deleted/Perma/Lost Password

NonBannedPigDuck (Banned)

Pig-Duck (Banned)

I_Love_You_Hun (Lost Password)

Pig_Duck_Gaming (Deleted)

Layed_Back_PDuck (banned)


  • Was cyberbullied by one user alot.
  • Got in a fight with Giga Gamby being accused falsely by everyone as a user named cleverbot
  • Is a hardcore troll.
  • Snuck into the Smashy Club Forums and got kicked out right away. (Not joking, he really did.)
  • Pig Duck got hacked 3 times on Miiverse
  • Is Mhamaroll! On two accounts. (Was accepted as family by Nhataroll due to this)
  • Had 50 accounts in his life. Most were secret. (No joke)

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