K17rpjewqpjm normal face
Age 18
Joined Late 2015
Community Pokemon, NSLU, Prince Edward Island, POR Madeira, Peru and Panama Clubs
Followers 387 (very salty furries)
System(s) owned SO N3ds
Birthday December 26
Alts PhantasmaForever
Phantasma (aka Bayontasma, aka Redead ) is a popular troll user who posts in the Pokemon and New Super Luigi U Communities, as well as various Wii Sports Communities, formerly including the Ireland and Greece Clubs, now the Panama Club.

Miiverse After Dark

On 1/17/16, Phantasma successfully revived M.A.D, which was shortly after challenged by a new meme, B.A.D (Beeverse After Dark, created by A memer).

She temporarily stopped drawing in M.A.D, likely wanting to quit before she could get the notifications that she got reported.

However, on 2/2/16, she decided it was time to continue again, although she switched between drawing M.A.D art and waiting to be reported.

She eventually was reported, and she announced she was finished with M.A.D art.

She was banned on 2/6/16 for quoting "Let's Ride On Yoshi", also drawing her final M.A.D drawing, which can be easily identified by the name of 'Pika Power', she finally stopped making M.A.D drawings after she returned from her ban.

Team Plasma

Phantasma is the self-proclaimed Queen of Darkness. She had joined Team Plasma. She, like her big brother, DoD Riley, was also a Team Plasma Sage before Plasma disbanded.

On 4/2/16, she moved her clan, Phantasma's Kingdom, to the Greece Club, courtesy of the reunited Team Plasma, which seems to be based in both Greece Club and the Prince Edward Island Club Communities.


She is also an artist, and posts a lot of random drawings rather often.

She has a popular post in the New Super Luigi U Community that was actually meant to be a #MiiverseAfterDark drawing, but it was so popular, it reached 130+ yeahs, and can be quoted by the line 'Let's ride on Yoshi!'.Her Yoshi drawing can be found here.

She draws requests, and her own unique drawings as well, she has several loyal fans. Formerly drew in the New Super Luigi U Community, and rarely in other communities. She draws in the Pokemon X/Y Community, PSMD Community, and the Pokken Tournament Community.

Her drawings often appear in the popular posts of the PSMD Community.

She recently announced she would be taking a break from drawing, due to artist's block.


Mostly Miiverse user Supernova, and some general users, including the false reporter CumehnHa, who would also false report Darth Maul. She really doesn't try to make any enemies, but rather, they choose to attack her.

Surprisingly, it seems as though she has several enemies in the New Super Luigi U Community after beginning the Nya~nvasions, which DoD Riley had actually suggested, she seems to have fun with doing these, despite constantly being blocked by various random users.


Phantasma is relatively popular, she has gained a decent number of fans (including her brother) from the New Super Luigi U Community, the Pokemon Communities, and other communities. She occasionally accepts requests for Pokemon art, in addition.

She is currently a member of Cruxis. She has also rejoined the Defenders of Darkness, her brother's clan, as well as having been part of the late great Team Plasma clan.

worthless attacks

One morning in late April, 2016, she launched an invasion on New Super Luigi U Community, posting stuff like 'Nya~', 'Purr-fect!', and more (the entire thing was suggested by DoD Riley). She used both her main and alt accounts to post repeatedly, until running out of posts. Several people got annoyed by the nya-nvasions. But little did anyone know, this would only be the first of many of these.

The next day's nya-nvasion would be around nighttime, but got even more attention. Kratos Aurion would even join in the nya-nvasions starting here.

Several days later, Phantasma held a small nya-nvasion in New Super Luigi U Community alone, and her last post for it would say: "I purr-omise I won't do this in NSLU in the morning, nya! Do you believe meow?" People would believe her.

The next morning, she invaded the Panama Club instead, people didn't mind at first, but after several posts, some users began to get annoyed, and complained.

Later in the nya-nvasion that morning, DoD Riley decided to join in, as well as Kratos Aurion. Even more people got annoyed, then finally, most of them ran out of posts.

There were more after this, but not a lot of eventful things happened, a list of things worth mentioning are:

  1. Several people joined in, and also repeatedly posted 'nya' posts.
  2. In one 'Pa-nya-ma' nya-nvasion, people began to post 'Phantasma x Observer' shipping drawings, aka Phanterver, these would actually become popular, despite Phantasma immediately saying 'NO' to it. (5/17/16)
  3. Although her brother DoD Riley joined in a few times, they've since begun to disagree about 'nya'. (UPDATE! Riley has stopped using 'nya' at all, to stop the little 'fight' between them)
  4. "Phanterver" would end up being so popular, that someone made an entire account of it, there's also an entire page written about it on the DoD Wiki.


  • Phantasma is factually the greatest user of all time, due to focusing on combining the two greatest things in known existence, puns and felines.
  • She is known to have a cult following of fans, and tends to enjoy the attention she receives.
  • She is able to get a reaction out of almost anyone.
  • Her infamy grew even more after her Yoshi drawing became popular.
  • She is often mistaken for DoD Riley's brother, R-Star, by using the same account that he used to use, before he eventually left Miiverse, some people still believe differently, however.
  • She was actually a leader of her own clan, dubbed 'Phantasma's Kingdom', to match her own title of 'Dark Queen Phantasma', it was recreated starting 4/2/16.
  • She is a furry.
  • She is actually bi.
  • She believes she is both a Riolu (PSMD form) and Zoroark (Other general form).
  • At times, she can seem rather self-absorbed in regular posts, this is actually normal for her.
  • She often uses her brother's Wii U to talk in messages, but never in posts, it is said that she sometimes does 'RPs' of her own favorite 'activities' with a certain furry boyfriend...
  • It is also said that she is nearly unstoppable when she's angry.
  • She has fun invading the NSLU community with 'nya-nvasions', which her brother originally suggested.
  • She rejoined the Defenders of Darkness to combat SP, a clan trying to take PEIC from them.
  • Her alt (the Wii U account, PhantasmaForever) is often inactive, but is occasionally used.
  • Most of her posts end in "nya~"
  • Its rumored that a user by the name of ßεαςτ99 is her son.

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