NNID Penless2
Age Unknown
Joined 11/18/2012
Community YouTube Community
Followers 6,731
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday September 7th
Alts Penless

Penless aka Matt is a popular Miiverse user and artist who is mainly known for his "Kirby and Wads" comics and his pixel art. He draws the comics in 8-bit style. He also created a series called Build a Robot Master. In this series, the users are given choices on which part should included with the robot master. The part with the most votes will be added to the creation. Once a certain part from each section has been chosen, then he will draw the completed robot master fighting against Mega Man. He mainly posts in communities such as Pixel Paint, Art Academy and the YouTube Community. n February 15, 2015, he created a tribute drawing of Bowser Jr. for his late pet ferret Smores. According to him, he made Bowser Jr. due his pet's mischievous personality.


In real life, he is an avid chalk artist who made up to 400 chalk creations. These can be found on his Instagram: @_penless_chalk_. Most of his Pixel Paint drawings were inspired by those creations. As of March 3rd, 2016, Penless has tranferred his comic series to a user named Matthew(Mcubed2013). However, the story series is officially discontinued.


Penless ~ 361 posts, 3,356 posts yeahed, 44 friends, following 21, and 900 followers.

Penless2 ~ 508 posts, 14, 785 posts yeahed, 14 friends, following 14, and 7,465 followers.

Profile Comment

"Thanks for the fun, Miiverse. But it's time for me to move on.

However... "Kirby and Wads" is now OFFICIALLY under Matthew's control. Check the people I'm following to find him and the comics!

All the best to you,


Kirby Comics

Build a Robot Master

Art Academy drawings

Pixel Paint drawings

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