Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Community
Followers 26000
System(s) owned SO N3ds SO Wiiu
Birthday 11/01
Alts Unknown

Paden is a user who frequently Yeah Bombs, and has amassed lots of followers from doing so. He is the only known Miiverse user who has yeahed more than a million posts, along with Yeah Angel and MemeSenpai.

It is unknown when he started using Miiverse, since his first post was on November 2015 and that time, he had amassed over 17,000 followers.

People speculate that Paden has an alt named HυgςBlααrρ (Pecanek) who has given more than 423,000 yeahs but this is unconfirmed. The account's first post was from 10/22/2014 at the YouTube Community, but you cannot see what the post says due to it being deleted by the administrators.

Gone and Surpassed

As of May 30, 2016 at approximately 06:25 UTC Paden has stopped Yeah Bombing and his account appears to be inactive. His total number of posts yeahed at this point numbered 1,858,347 posts. Since this time, he hasn't yeahed anything, which is strange because before this, Paden was usually on Miiverse everyday.

Paden's Yeah Bombing tendencies appear to have been surpassed by another user by the name of Yeah Angel who is now Permanently Banned.


  • He has yeahed over 1,850,000 posts.
  • Currently, Paden almost has more followers than some of the verified users, including Satoru Iwata.
  • He only made 6 posts: 1 post in the Pokemon X/Y Community which only says "lol", and 4 posts in the Pokemon ORAS Community. Some users say that he has made more posts in the past, but has deleted them for unknown reasons.
  • There are rumors of Paden being either an alternative account of another user, or that he is simply a bot programmed to yeah posts.
  • Some users claim that it took Paden 3 years to reach this many yeahs.
  • It might be possible to see what his first ever yeah was, but it would take a very long time due to the massive amount of yeahs he has.
  • He was the subject of a meme called "Paden yeahs _____, so I blocked him".
  • A user calculated the number of posts Paden yeahs in a day, and it seems that Paden yeahed 14,000 posts a day.
  • He likes Keemstar.

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