A random verified user no one knows about
NNID p0tayters
Age 26
Joined July 6th 2014
Community Tiny Galaxy Community
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday Unknown

p0tayters (NNID p0tayters) is a Verified User who posts in the Tiny Galaxy community, which is the community of the game that he created. He's one of the few active repliers that is a verified user. He claims he is 26 years old, and works for Arcane Pixel Games. He knows about the existence of LMR. He is considered by most the nicest verified user. As of January 27, 2017 his Account has been hacked during inactivity and he has been banned from Miiverse. Users cannot follow his profile while it is banned. He has also said the word "hacker" which is bound to get censored and ban him further, if not permaban him (I have personally warned him of this). Pictures of his ban are below, however users cannot use the report functionality on a verified user.

Tiny Galaxy

P0tayers is the creator of the game, Tiny Galaxy. The game is a 2D platformer where the player must jump on small planets to reach the goal.

The Miiverse community for Tiny Galaxy is usually very active. Players will usually post things such as drawings and screenshots from the game.

"I run this Miiverse"

On July 26, 2015, he posted this: "Please STOP posting about the Miiverse change in the Tiny Galaxy Miiverse!!!! It's not the place for it. I run this Miiverse so no one at Nintendo will see you're unhappy about the change. This is NOT the place to voice your concerns about the Miiverse change." This caused a massive amount of users to attack p0tayters. Few, such as Mii XD, defended him. He deleted many of his comments before leaving to work on a new project. He stated that he was tired of deleting posts and comments about the redesign, since the TGC wasn't the place for these comments.

He soon became noticed in the Wii Fit U Community, and became a meme, mostly due to him saying "I run this Miiverse". There were no posts about the redesign in the Tiny Galaxy Community, so there was no reason for that post.

Later in the day, P0tayters realized this, and started to like the meme. Later he made a contest to draw his mii with sunglasses on with the caption "I RUN THIS MIIVERSE". He then gave out download codes for Tiny Galaxy, and put the drawings in a collage and put it on his twitter page.

The Post that started the meme/aftermath

"Please STOP posting about the miiverse change in the Tiny Galaxy Miiverse!!!! It's not the place for it. I run this miiverse so no one at Nintendo will see youre unhappy about the change. This is NOT the place to voice your concerns about the miiverse change.

Okay guys, you have had me laughing all day... but its a rainy day here where I live... SO I have an idea... since some one decided to go ahead and make a meme out of me and this. Ill drop like... 3 more codes for Tiny Galaxy... but I want to see you BEST hand drawn posts of me saying "I run this miiverse" and wearing sun glasses. When I see the best post Ill drop the codes!"

Upcoming Games

  • He revealed a game called Kick Assteroids which has just been approved by Nintendo.
  • A first Person Shooter game based on Toys.
  • Trying to Copyright a game called Primal Rage.
  • Many more to come!

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