3carevbm7113x normal face
OsWUT?'s Gr8 Mii
NNID CaveStory4Life2
Age Unknown
Joined 2/3/2015 (Maybe)
Community New Super Luigi U
Followers 339
System(s) owned Both, but perma'd account on 3DS
Birthday 12/14

OsWUT? is a user who posts in the New Super Luigi U Community. His posts usually center around rock and metal music.


OsWUT? joined Miiverse as David, and mostly Posted game-related things to the Fire Emblem and Sonic Boom Community. After Following a Smasher who made an on-topic Post, He noticed all of the off-topic posts she was making to the Wii Fit Community. He went to check out the community, then joined it. He then discovered the YouTube Community, then joined that community and stopped making Posts to the Wii Fit U Community. He mostly participated in roleplays. After when he thought the YouTube Commuinty started going downhill, He became a Smasher again, and is one to this day.


  • "St. Anger-Gr8 snare m8."
  • "Elton Jhon is fabulous."
  • "Miiverse Sucks. Am I Popular yet?"
  • "KK Slider plays with Metallica!"
  • "I'm the most emotionally stable person on this Community."
  • ""Wait, there are OTHER Metal bands besides Metallica and Slipknot?!?!""
  • "What is this, Family Guy?"


  • He was originally a Smasher, then became a YTCer, then went back to being a Smasher
  • He often mentions Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Slipknot
  • He plays guitar and bass, and also sings and is in a rock band
  • His original Account, JEFF (CaveStory4Life), was Perma-banned (It is now his gaming account, and was renamed "David")
  • His Mii resembles Oswin from Fire Emblem. He uses this Mii for a Miiverse Club he is in called The Shepherds.
  • His favorite game is Cave Story.
  • His favorite bands are Metallica and Megadeth.

Friends/Favorite Users

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