Operation WorldBound

Operation WorldBound is a fan cause that started on Mother's 25th anniversary in Japan, 7/27/14. The group now aims to convince Nintendo to release Mother 3 worldwide.


On 7/27/14, AgentGriff (NNID: NoMoreMR.NiceGu6) created the group as Nintendo ignored the 25th anniversary of the Mother series. The group then headed to the Japanese Mother 2 Community (earthbound everywhere else) to protest. Later that night, a few people tried putting a stop to it. This continued for two more days. The majority of these people were members of SmashyClub. The two groups decided to split paths, but they still bothered WestBound. As the days turned to weeks, everyone soon forgot about WestBound. This caused the "WestBound Attack of 10/25/14". The attack took place again at the Mother 2 Community (earthbound everywhere else) and sparks were flying between WestBound and its haters. The following morning, AgentGriff dropped a huge bomb on the haters by insulting 9/11. Soon after, the group was recreated.


The reconstructed WestBound claimed to have changed their immature ways and have since acquired much more support. The group also received less hate. On 5/18/15, the group was mentioned on Earthbound Central Live and again next week in an effort to get more support. On 6/14/15, Mother was released on the Nintendo eShop as EarthBound Beginnings (mother 1 in Japan). Recently, they have been STORMING the Japanese Mother 3 community to the point where posting anything not related to Mother 3 being released worldwide under the "Discussions" section is ridiculous. You can find the official Operation WorldBound account here.

Notable Worldbound members

  • MegaBoyX7
  • Joy
  • Splat Tim.
  • aidandoyle
  • YBXDGaming
  • Griffin
  • James
  • Tyler

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