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Operation WestBound is a protest that started in the Smash Bros. community to get Nintendo to bring Mother 1 and Mother 3 to the West. Then the protest moved to the Mother 2 community in the Japanese Miiverse. But then eventually Operation Westbound died down like a meme and everything went back to normal.

Why It Started

For a few years now, EarthBound fans have begged Nintendo to bring Mother 1 and 3 to the West, and on 7/27/14 (Mother's 25th anniversary) a few people decided to hold a protest at the Mother 2 community in an attempt to get the games in the states. Sadly, it failed.

How It Ended

It ended on October 26th, 2014 as right minded people knew that this movement wouldn't work and set out to explain this to the Westbound people. As soon as they did though, the Westbounders got angry and reported these good people to kingdom come. Now, some of them run a similar, yet much more successful movement. The people who were a part of this movement were immature kids who thought they could get what they wanted just by begging. Don't get me wrong, there are good Mother fans out there, but these people are not them.


On October 26th 2014, a user by the name "NoMoreMR.NiceGu6" AKA Griffin was trying to get WestBound back up and running. Shortly after, it got the attention of a few users, specifically users who are in of SmashyClub. This lead to Griffin making many posts insulting the club, to the point where he said that SmashyClub is worse than 9/11, which caused Hell to break lose. The post was reviewed, but never removed. This caused major backlash from people. (That being said, the post was eventually taken down)

Operation Worldbound

Operation WorldBound is a fan movement trying once again to get Mother 1 and Mother 3 to the audiences of all Nintendo consumers. The people who participate in the movement were old Westbound members. They have claimed to have changed their immature ways, and aim to accomplish their goal by encouraging Nintendo to release the games. They also went back to doing things on social media, just like before.

Mother released in North America

On June 14th, during the 2015 Nintendo World Championship, Mother 1 was announced to be released outside of Japan as Earthbound Beginnings. How this is related to Worldbound? Well, they finally got part of their wish.