Off-Topicness is a trait Smashers and Youtubers often possess. Off-Topic's origins remain a big mystery, as many early users said the trait had existed before the Smash community. Many speculate that off-topicness originated in the YouTube Community. However, this is unconfirmed.


The general idea of being off-topic most likely originated in the Youtube Community, as it had existed since launch day. As Miiverse was just in its early days, many users talked about their favourite YouTubers, and other YouTube Videos.

Off-topicness exploded when Super Smash Bros. 4 was announced. Many users who posted in the YouTube Community left that community for Smash. Smash became the so-called capital of Miiverse, where it contained many trolls, memes, and off-topic posts.

The Smash Community is generally regarded as a Miiverse Legend, going as far as forums, Google searches and featured in many small websites.

As the Smash Community was in its glory days, it came to an end. Despite that, the Smashers still held their off-topic traits and beliefs. Many Zeldians, people who spend most of their Miiverse time in the The Legend of Zelda Series Community staying on-topic, disliked the off-topicness in the Zelda community, thus creating the biggest war in Miiverse history. The Great Smash/Zelda War started due to the invasion of the Zelda Community and the high amount of off-topic posts within the community.

Many Zeldians opposed the off-topic posts, however, some decided to become off-topic themselves, and thus joining the smashers. Soon after, the off-topic idea was moved to the Wii Fit U community, and later, the New Super Luigi U Community.


  • Smashers and YouTubers are generally off-topic.
  • Off-topicness became a huge thing on Miiverse, even going as far as giving Miiverse a bigger name.
  • Off-topic versus on-topic debates are common on Miiverse.

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