Omega★Star (Just Ethan)
His current mii.
NNID Brickbuild101 (Permabanned)

OmegaStar101 (Permabanned, then deleted) YouSeemFRAZZLED (Active)

Age 14
Joined February, 2013
Community Florida Club Community
Followers 1,664+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu Wii U

SO N3ds 3DS PlayStation Vita and etc.

Birthday June 1st
Alts OmegaStar01 (Banned, then deleted)

UghSeriously (Deleted) Banned4DankSalad (Banned, then deleted) Rosslinurr (Deleted) NoID-eas_Get_It (Deleted)

Just Ethan (Formally known as Omega★Star) is a Miiverse user and former Smasher who now posts in the Florida Club Community. (NNID: Brickbuild101) He used to post nonsensical posts like false-revealing new Super Smash Bros. characters like Olive Oyl, intentionally dumb OCs, Rosalina puns, obsessing over Sarge, his OC Frazzle and quite a few more running gags.


  • Former-Main: (Brickbuild101) (Permabanned)
  • Former-Alt: (OmegaStar01) (Banned, then deleted)
  • 2nd former-Alt/2nd former-Main: (OmegaStar101) (Permabanned, then deleted)
  • 3rd former-Alt: (UghSeriously) (Deleted)
  • 4th former-Alt: Banned4DankSalad (Got its name after UghSeriously got banned for talking about Dank Salad) (Banned, then deleted)
  • 5th Former-Alt: Rosslinurr (Deleted)
  • Current-Main: YouSeemFRAZZLED (Active)
  • 6th Former-Alt: NoID-eas_Get_It (Deleted)
  • Sister's account that's saved for emergenicies only: FlamingoWeekly (Deleted)


Things said by him include...

  • ":T"
  • "*luminescent blush*"
  • "Aw narts!"
  • "Excuse me, princess."
  • "Fetish alert."
  • "GURL."
  • "Absolutely."
  • "lel"
  • Et cetera.


  • His Mii is kawaiiderp.
  • He has a Luma named Luma.
  • He has #2ManySenpais
  • Most of his followers are practically non-existent.
  • He is given nicknames by Sawyer, like Omie, Omie Starmie, Fromega Star, and Palutega Star.
  • He is a slight anime fan.
  • He is a Vocaloid fan, thus putting him on good terms with Akaito. However, Omega once admitted into only liking Crypton Vocaloids, causing Akaito to get angry and comment that "Gumi is the best Vocaloid" He was also the first person to cause Akaito to get angry for that reason..
  • He supports Starge (Omega Star x Sarge).
  • He has a Wii Fit Trainer amiibo who he named 'Shoulderz', then changed the name to "Fit Senpai" because she was bought to train Omega Star.
  • He has quite a few (bad) OCs, but most of them are yet to be named. His bae ones are the unnamed pizza delivery robot and the evil frog overlord, Frazzle.
  • According to Kyon, his husband is Electric-R, and they're Kyon's parents. Neither of them like this.
  • At Le Hotel Bigley (Which he was tricked into destroying.), he has a puppet show called The Adventurez of Kid Sockuras & Friendz. Whether or not it warrants a page is unknown.
  • He once made a post that said that Anthony only got surgery as a way to get attention. It didn't go out so well...
  • He is currently staying in the Florida Club community since he couldn't stand the users on the New Super Luigi U community anymore.
  • He got a New 3DS XL on April 7th, 2016 for free due to the refurbished regular 3DS XL Best Buy gave him as a replacement came in broken after a few weeks of waiting.
  • He is actually a furry and even has an otter fursona.
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