NNID AttractiveGabite
Age 22
Joined February 2013
Community New Super Luigi U
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned Both
Birthday March 10th 1994
Alts NEC_PC-9801

O_O (pronounced "oh-underscore-oh" or "double-oh," known as Lan Sukasa outside of Miiverse) is a user on Miiverse. He is a Pokémonfan, a minor brony, and a total closet furry thanks to his obsession with Lucario. He has been using Miiverse since the Summer of 2013, not too long after the Smash Bros. Series community was open. He's also a computer nerd that will occasionally talk about old Japanese computers like the [1]NEC PC-9801 or the [2]Sharp X68000, mostly because of the sound hardware (he loves FM synthesis as long as it doesn't sound as bad as the Sega 32X version of Doom, or most MS-DOS games using an Adlib/SoundBlaster card.) He has a tendency to get salty/edgy at those with conflicting opinions, but will probably apologize soon afterwards.

Trivia and other useless facts

  • O_O stands for "Optic Otis" even though Otis is not his real name.
  • Nassim believes he is Gligar13's twin-brother because of his love for Lucario.
  • Although Earthbound is one of his favorite/favourite games of all time, he doesn't obsess over it like most others.
  • He has hardly played anything in the Fire Emblem series, mostly because he prefers Shining Force and Final Fantasy Tactics. That being said, he generally doesn't like strategy RPG's because of the "unholy RNG's they all have."
  • He is possibly one of the oldest users on Miiverse, being the age of 22. [citation needed]
  • He thinks Mewtwo and Monster Hunter are overrated.
  • His favorite/favourtie game of all time is Seiken Densetsu 3 (AKA: Secret of Mana II,) with Chrono Trigger coming in second-place.
  • He used to love Minecraft a lot, but now he can't bring himself to play it for more than fifteen minutes without getting bored.
  • He is primarily a PC gamer, but doesn't berate others for playing on consoles. Though, he may occasionally use the PC Gaming Master Race meme.
  • Unlike 75%(?) of all the Smashers (and bandwagon "Smashers" alike,) he is not a fan of Steven Universe. Nor is he a fan of We Bare Bears (mostly due to not watching a single episode of it.) He does, however, enjoy Gravity Falls (the fandom on the other hand...)
  • He is absolutely sick and tired of the Undertale hype and believes that it's hardly even an RPG, but rather a "glorified bullet hell/puzzle game." That being said, he enjoys the soundtrack.
  • Vine memes bug him.
  • He's a corporate shill because he got a GTX 970 instead of an R9 390.

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